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Lewis, C. Day (Trans. )
C.; Virgil Day Lewis
Theodore Martin Virgil
Pitt Virgil
Virgil (Trans. by John Dryden)
William Warde Fowler Virgil
E Virgil; Fairfax-Taylor
John White
Dryden, John. (Virgil)
Homer and Virgil
Humphries, Rolfe (Translation)
James Rhoades
C. Day-Translator; Lewis
Edward Searing
Virgil edited by H. E. Butler
John Tetlow Virgil
Voltaire Virgil
Virgil; Comstock, David Y. (Editor)
Virgil Voltaire
Christopher Pitt
Virgil Encyclopedia Britannica
Fairclough, H R; Brown, Seldon L
Fairclough, H.R. and Brown, Seldon L.
Gransden, K. W. (Editor)
William Morris
R. D. Williams
Robert [Translator] Virgil; Fitzgerald
T.A. Buckley
Thomas Ethelbert Page
Thomas Page
Tonnivane Wiswell
Tr. by J. W. Mackail
Vergil / Virgil; P. Hofman Peerlkamp
Vergil | Howard Clarke (Editor)
Frederick Holland Virgil & Dewey
Sebastian VIRGIL ( - BC) - BRANDT
Virgil (P. Vergili Maronis)
Virgil / C J Billson translates
Virgil [T. H. Delabere May (transl.)]
Virgil and C.D. Lewis
Trans. By John Dryden Virgil
W W Bradley Virgil
Virgil,Chase, Thomas,
Virgil,Cranch, Christopher Pearse,
Virgil,Pitt, Christopher,
Virgil,Thornhill, William Johnson, tr
Virgil; Dryden, John [Translator]
Translated By John Virgil; Dryden
Virgil; Edited By Charles W. Eliot
Virgil; Fairfax-Taylor, E [Trans]
J. B. Virgil; Greenough
C. DAY. Translator VIRGIL; LEWIS
William Henry Virgil; Melmoth
Charles Cassil Virgil; Reynard
Virgil; William Morris
Walter Dennison, Virgil (Creator)

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ed.; Walter Dennison, ed. Virgil; Henry S. Frieze
Hall, Jane Harriman; McKay, Alexander Gordon
Henry Simmons Frieze, Virgil, Walter Dennison
[Virgil] Dryden, John (transl.) and Johann Grüninger (woodcuts)
VIRGIL, Translated into English by the Rev. Christopher Pitt and John Ring. Seco
(Virgil) Great books of the Western World
Virgil, With Introduction And Notes By T.E. Page, M.A., Edited
Virgil,Fairclough, H. Rushton (Henry Rushton), b. ,Brown Seldon L
Virgil,Fairclough, H. Rushton (Henry Rushton), b. 1862,Brown Seldon L
VIRGIL. and, HORACE. Translated by H.R. Fairclough. and, C.E. Bennett
Virgil, (Verse Translation By John Dryden
Cotton, Charles. Lestrange, Roger. - Virgil - Aeneid
Dryden, John-Translated By; Fitzgerald, Robert-Edited; By, With Introduction
Edited By Eliot, Charles W.; Translated By Dryden, John
Fowler, W. Warde (William Warde), ,Virgil,Rhoades, James,
Virgil. Dewey, Frederick Holland (Translator)
Virgil; Translated By Dewey, Frederick Holland
Virgil Translated by Fairclough, H. Rushton
Virgil (Author), J. W. Mackail (Translator)
Vergil (Virgil) Guinagh, Kevin (translated with An Introduction by)
Virgil, Levi Hart And V.R. Osborn (Translators)
Virgil (Levi Hart And V.R. Osborn, Trs. )
Virgil, Fairclough, H. Rushton Fairclough
Virgil, Fairclough,, Fairclough, H. Rushton
Virgil, translated by John Dryden, edited by Charles W. Eliot, LL.D.
Virgil,Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, Baron,
Virgil,Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, Baron, 1835-1894
Virgil,Page, T. E. (Thomas Ethelbert), , ed. edt
Virgil; Publi Vergili Maronis; Greenough, J.B. and Kittredge, G.L., editors
Virgil; Valpy, Richard (ed); Pycroft, The Rev. James (ed)
Virgil; Verse Translation By John Dryden
Virgil; with an english transaltion by H. Rushton Fairclough