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Thomas Hardy
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928
Hardy, Thomas; Allen, Sheila
Thomas; Coles Notes Hardy
Hardy, Thomas; Elledge, Scott, Ed
Maier, Hardy, Thomas
Thomas Hardy~Martin Shaw~Lindsay Duncan
Charles Grimes
Coghill, Jeff. (Thomas Hardy)
Hardy, Thomas (ed. Scott Elledge)
Thomas / Coles Editorial Board Hardy
Hardy, Thomas Lindley, David
Hardy, Thomas; Hynes, Samuel
Lindley, David; Hardy, Thomas
James L. Roberts

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Hardy, Thomas
Crowther, John and Katie Mannheimer (Editors) / Thomas Hardy
Bronte, Charlotte, Jane Addams and Thomas Hardy
Hardy, Thomas, Introduction By Edward Leeson
Hardy, Thomas; Christopher Venning (editor) , Eleanor Bron (Reader)
Hardy, Thomas; Gatrell, Simon; Grindle, Juliet
Hardy, Thomas; Shaw, Martin; Duncan, Lindsay