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Edgar Rice Burroughs
Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950
Robin Moore
Edgar Rice Burroughs (Author)
Rice Burroughs, Edgar/ Foster, Harold
Burroughs, Edgar Rice & Vinge, Joan
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; DuBois, Gaylord
Edgar Rice Burroughs on
Edgar Rice; Casil Burroughs
Edson, J. T. (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs)
Magazine Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Edson, J T ( Edgar Rice Burroughs related)
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Burroughs, Edgar Rice (Actual Author unnamed)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice / Harold Foster (illusts.)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice and Kingsley, Ben ( Read by)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustriated by Al Andersen and Jesse Marsh
Burroughs', Edgar Rice (based on his novels)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; Adapted By John Freeman
Hogarth, Burne, Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Hodes, Robert M.
Farmer, Philip Jose (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Kenneth Robeson)