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Richard F. Burton
Marc Chagall
Burton Richard Sir, P. H. Newby, Introduction
Burton, Richard, F.
Newby, P.H.; Burton, Sir Richard
Lopez, Antonio (1943-1987). Burton, Richard Francis, Sir (1821-1890). Finamore, Roy
Burton Richard F.
Sir Richard : translator BURTON
Newby, P.H.; Burton, Richard
Richard F. (Translator) Burton
Burton, Sir Richard (trans)
Sir Richard Newby P.H.; Burton
Burton, Sir Richard (Translator)
Burton, Sir Richard; Newby, P.H.
P H Newby

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Burton, Richard F.
Burton; P.H. Newby (selected by), Sir Richard
Burton, Richard; P. H. Newby (selection and introduction)
Tales From The Arabian Nights A Selection By P. H. Newby From the Arabian Nights´ Entertainments Translated By Sir Richard Burton Illustrated by...
Burton, Richard F.; David Shumaker (Editors)