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Howard Pyle
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911
Carlo Collodi; Howard Pyle
Howard Pyle Carlo Collodi
Collodi, C/Pyle, Howard
Howard Pyle & C Collodi
C. & Pyle Howard Collodi
Pyle, Howard; Collodi, C
Collodi, C. & Pyle, Howard
Collodi, Carlo & Pyle, Howard
Howard and James, John (Illus. ) Pyle
Howard & Collodi C. Pyle

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Pyle, Howard
PYLE, Howard (Writter and Illustrator) Frontispiece and note by W J Aylward
Pyle, Howard (Written and Illustrated by)
Collodi, C. & Pyle Howard; M. Leone & S. Leone [Illustrator]
Collodi, C. (Carlo Lorenzini)/ Howard Pyle
Estelle B. Schneider (Adapted from Howard Pyle's Story of King Arthur and His Knights)
Pyle, Howard Roland Wheelwright & Howard Pyle
Pyle, Howard;Zamorsky, Tania;Pober Ed., Arthur