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Hermann Hesse
Hermann; Basil Creighton Hesse
Hermann Hesse and Volker. Michels
Hermann and Jaroslav Bradac Hesse
Hesse, Hermann) Creighton, Basil Trans
HESSE, Hermann, Helmut Ackermann
Hesse, Hermann. Mileck, Joseph Intro

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Hesse, Hermann
Hesse, Hermann; Ackermann, Helmut (illus
Hesse, Hermann; Ackermann, Helmut (woodcuts); Creighton, Basil; Mileck, Joseph; Frenz, Horst (trans
Hesse, Hermann; translated from the German by Creighton, Basil; revised by Sorell, Walter
Hesse, Hermann (Jaroslav Bradac, illustrations)
Hesse, Hermann with Artistic Interpretation By Jaroslav Bradac
Hesse, Hermann (Aka: Emil Sinclair ), Translated By Basil Creighton
Hesse, Hermann; Sorell, Walter & B. Creighton
Hesse, Hermann; Translated By Creighton, Basil; Revised By Mileck, Joseph and Horst Frenz