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Stephen Crane
SparkNotes, Crane, Stephen
GRACZYK, Ed. (Stephen Crane)
Crane, Stephen. LaRocca, Charles J. ed
Crane, Stephen; Bowers, Fredson, ed.
Hans Gottschalk
Crane, Stephen (1871-1900)
Hans Walter Gottschalk
Lettis, Richard, Et Al
Stanley Wertheim

See also:

Greene, Jay; Bertrand, Lawrence and Crane, Stephen
Lettis, Richard; McDonnell, Robert F.; Morris, William E.
Crane, Stephen (1871-1900). Jose Miralles (Ill. )
Crane, Stephen, and McDonnell, Robert F., and Morris, William E., and Lettis, Richard
Crane, Stephen; Lettis, Richard; Robert F. McDonnell; William E. Morris
Lettis, Richard; Robert F. McDonnell, William E. Morris