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William Theodore De Bary, Ryusaku Tsunoda, Donald Keene
Donald Keene
TSUNODA, Ryusaku, DE BARY, Wm. Theodore & KEENE, Donald eds
Bary, William Theodore De;Tsunoda, Ryuaku;Keene, Donald
Ryusaku Tsunoda; Wm. Theodore De Bary; Donald Keene
Tsunoda, Ryusaku, Wm. Theodore De Bary, and Donald Keene (eds.)
Donald Keene Ryusaku Tsunoda Wm. Theodore De Bary
De Bary, Theodore, Ed
Donald Keene William Theodore De Bary Ryusaku Tsunoda
Bary, William Theodor de, Donald Keene George Tanabe u. a
Keene, Donald, Professor (Editor), And Tanabe, George J, Jr. (Editor), And Varley, Paul H (Editor)
William Theodore De Bar Ryusaku Tsunoda
Ryusaku; De Bary, Wm. Theodore; Keene, Donald Tsunoda
George J. Tanabe
Tsunoda, Debary, And Keene. (Comps. )

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Bary, Wm. Theodore de; Keene, Donald; Tanabe, George; Varley, Paul
DE BARY, William, Tsunoda, Ryusaku; Keene, Donald
Dykstra, Yoshiko Kurata, and De Bary, William Theodore (Editor), and Keene, Donald, Professor (Editor)
Keene, Donald; Bary, William Theodore De; Tsunoda, Ryusaku; Jansen, Marius; Ku, Hyman
William Theodore De Bary, Ryusaku Tsunod
Tsunoda, Ryusaku and De Bary, Wm and Keene, Donald, editors
Tsunoda, Ryusaku; Wm. Theodore de Bary and Donald Keene, eds
TSUNODA,Ryusaku (ed) & De Bary,Wm.Theodore & KEENE,Donald (eds)
BARY Wm. Theodore de (editor), Ryusaka Tsunoda, Donald Keene
De Bary, Wm. Theodore;Keene, Donald;Tanabe, George;Varley, Paul
Tsunoda, Ry-Usaku & de Bary, William Theodore & Keene, Donald