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Wing-Tsit Chan
Wm. Theodore; Chan, Wing-Tsit; Watson, Burton De Bary
WM. Theodore De Bary; Wing-Tsit Chan; Chester Tan
Bary, Wm. Theodore De / Wing-Tsit Chan / Chester Tan (compilers)
China - BARY Theodore de, CHAN Wing-tsit, WATSON Burton
William Theodore, Wing-Tsit Chan, and Burton Watson de Bary
Wing-tsit Chan Wm Theodore De Bary

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De Bary Theodore, Chan Wing-Tsit, Watson Burton
de Bary, William Theodore, Wing-Tsit Chan,; Watson, Burton
Debary, Theodore;Chan, Wing-Tsit;Johnson, David;Liu, Kwang-Ching;Ching, Julia;Lufrano, Richard;Mungello, David;Tan, Chester
De Bary, Wm Theodore and Wing-Tsit Chan and Burton Watson
De Bary, Theodore/ Burton Watson/ Chan, Wing-Tsit
De Bary, William & Wing-tsit, Chan & Watson, Burton
De Bary, William Theodore, Wing-Tsit Chan & Chester Tan (Compilers)
William Theodore De Bary, Wing-Tsit Chan And Chester Tan (Compilers)
Wm. Theodore; Wing-Tsit Chan; Chester Tan de Bary