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Sophocles; R. C. Jebb (Trans)
R.C; Sophocles Jebb
SophoclesCampbell, Lewis, M. A., LLD
translator Sophocles. F. Storr
Grene, David (Ed)
Grene, David; Lattimore, Richmond
Sophocles & E H Plumptre
Sophocles (Arthur S. Way, translator)
ed. & trs. F. Storr Sophocles
Sophocles, Kamerbeek, J. C. (editor)
F. Sophocles; translated by Storr
Storr, F. tr. (Sophocles)
Grene, David And Lattimore, Richmond
R C Jebb
Sophocles [translation by F. Storr]
F. Storr Sophocles
Sophokles - Sophocles

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Sophocles; A. C. Pearson & (R. C. Jebb & W. G. Headlam)
Sophocles; Grene, David (Introduction); Grene, David & Lattimore, Richmond (Editors).
Sophocles (Author); David Grene and Richmond Lattimore (Edited by); John Moore, Michael Jameson and David Grene (Translated by)
CAMPBELL, Lewis; ABBOTT, Evelyn (eds); [SOPHOCLES]
Sophocles (Author), F. Storr (Translator)
Sophocles; Rusten, Jeffrey (Commentary by)
Sophocles (edited by David Greene and Richard Lattimore
Sophocles; David Grene and Richmond Lattimore (Editor)
Grene, David And Richmond Lattimore, Edited By
Sophocles (With English Translation By F. Storr
Sophocles \(Grene/Lattimore translation\)
Sophokles (Sophocles) und J. T. Sheppard (Transl.)