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William Tecumseh Sherman
Sherman William T (William Tecumseh)
H. V. Boynton
James Gillespie Blaine
W. T. Sherman
H V Boynton
Gen. W. T. Sherman
Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman
Sherman, William, T
Sherman William Tecumseh

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Sherman, General William Tecumseh. With James G. Blaine
Grant, Ulysses S. and Sherman, William Tecumseh
Sherman, W.T. [William Tecumseh]; Royster, Charles
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891,Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893
Sherman, William Tecumseh; James G Blaine (Ed
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), ,Blaine, James Gillespie,
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891,Johnson, Willis Fletcher, 1857-1931,Howard, O. O. (Oliver Otis), 1830-1909
Sherman, William Tecumseh/Blaine, Hon. James G
William Tecumseh Sherman / James G. Blaine
Blaine, James Gillespie; Sherman, William Tecumseh
Sherman, General W. T. And James G. Blaine
Himself. [1846-1865]. (B.H. Liddell Hart, Foreword). 2v In 1. Sherman, William Tecumseh(1820-1891)
Sherman, William T. (Tecumseh), Liddell Hart, B. H.
Sherman, William T., General; Foreword By B.H. Liddell Hart
Sherman, William Tecumseh, Blaine, James G.
Sherman, William & B.H. Liddell Hart (Ed. )
Sherman, William T. Foreword By B.H. Liddell Hart