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William Morris
Morris, William; Briggs, Asa
Morris, William; Gaunt, William (Editor, Introduction)
William Gaunt
Morris William Shankland Graeme
William. Morris
Morris William (ed G.D.H. Cole)
Morris, William; Gaunt, William Editor
Cole, G. D. H. (Ed.).
W. Morris
Reisman, David (ed.); Morris, William
Graeme Morris William; Shankland

See also:

Morris, William
William, And Briggs, Asa, And Shankland, Graeme Morris
Morris, William. Introduced & Edited by William Gaunt
Morris, William / Asa Briggs (ed. & intro.) / Graeme Shankland (supplement)
Morris, Williams., edited by G. D. H. Cole
Morris, William; Edit. By Asa Briggs (with intro. by)/ Supplement By Graeme Shankland on Morris the Designer