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Alexander Pope
George Ansel Watrous 1872- ed Pope Alexander 1688-1744 Gray Thomas 1716-1771 Goldsmith Oliver 1730?-1774
Watrous, George A. (Editor); Alexander Pope; Thomas Gray; Oliver Goldsmith
Pope, Alexander; Butt, John [editor]
P/Pope Brockbank
Geoffrey Chaucer
John Heath-Stubbs
A Pope
Alexander 1688-1744 Pope
Pope, Alexander; Heath-Stubbs, John
J. Stubbs-Heath

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Alexander Pope
Ben Jonson, John Stuart Mill, Alexander Pope, Francis Bacon, Samuel Johnson, John Milton, John Gay, William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe...
Watrous, George Ansel, ed,Pope, Alexander, ,Gray, Thomas, ,Goldsmith, Oliver, ?-
Alexander Pope, William Douglas Beattie Grant
Pope, Alexander; edited by Philip Brockbank
Alexander; Bredvold, Louis I[gnatius] Pope
Watrous George Ansel ed,Pope Alexander Gray Thomas Goldsmith Oliver
Pope, Alexander and Brockbank, Philip (ed)
pope, Alexander; Mutter, R. P. C. (ed.); Kinkead-Weekes, M. (ed.)