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D. H. Lawrence
H. D. Wagener
David Harold Cashman
Dorothy Hilliard Moffatt
Blanco, Antonio; D.H. Dhaimeler (ed.)
MARTZ Louis L H.D. Hilda Doolittle
Herbert Woodward Martin
Robert Browning G D H Cole
David B. Axelrod
G.D.H & M. I Cole
David H. W. Grubb
M. I Cole, G.D.H Cole, Robert Herrick
Henry Spackman Pancoast
Oscar Wilde
Brown, Danielle, and Knox, Hugh
W Cole
William Cole
Jan Todd D. H. Lawrence
Donne, John/ Cole, G D H & M I
H.D. Hilda Doolittle
Editors: G.D.H. & M.I. Cole
Thomas Stearns Eliot
Robert Frost
G.D.H. & M. I. Cole (eds.):
G.D.H. And M.I. Cole
H. D. Doolittle, Hilda,
H.D. [Hild Doolittle].
H.D. [Hilda Doolittle]
Thomas Hardy
Henry Pancoast
Lawrence, D.H.; Lawton, John (ed)
Richard Martin
Louis L. Martz
William. Edited by G.D.H.Cole. MORRIS
Morris, Williams (Cole, G.D.H., Editor)
Paul Violi
Ll.D. W. H. Venable
Liu Xiaobo

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D. H. Lawrence
Lord Byron; Grierson, H.J.C. (Litt.D.)(Preface)
Sitwell, Edith; Lewis, C. Day; Lawrence, D. H.; Hopkins, Gerard Manley; Allott, Kenneth; Cohen, J. M
Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert) 1885-1930
Eliot, T. S.; Lawrence, D. H.; Sitwell, Edith; Lewis, C. Day; Frost, Robert; Auden, W. H.; Wavell, A. P.; Allott, Kenneth; Cohen, J. M.; Barker,...
Marvell, Andrew (edited by G. D. H. & M. I. Cole)
Burns, Robert; Irvine, Robert P. (Herausgeber)
By Dr. May H. Clutter, SIGNED & Inscribed By Author Who Also Taught Bible Class, Introduction By Editor of Defender, Dr. Hart Armstrong, Poem By...
D.H. Lawrence, chosen with an introduction by W.E. Williams
Lawrence, D. H.; Intro. By Kenneth Rexroth; edit. By Anthony Beal
Lawrence, D.H. (Richard Aldington, Editor)
Dedecius, Karl (Herausgeber); Dedecius, Karl (Übersetzung); Zagajewski, Adam
Fuller, John (Ausgewaehlt); Auden, Wystan Hugh
H. D. / Martz, Louis L., edited with an introduction
Lawrence, D.H.; Rexroth, Kenneth (Intro. )
Pessoa, Fernando; Frazer, Tony (Herausgeber)
Rilke, Rainer Maria; Vilain, Robert (Herausgeber); Ranson, Susan (Übersetzung); Sutherland, Marielle (Übersetzung)
Herrick, Robert (edited By G.D.H. & M.I. Cole)
Tarkovsky, Arseny; Robinson, Jeremy Mark (Herausgeber)
Thomas, Edward; Wright, David (Herausgeber)
Whitman, Walt; Coviello, Peter M (Herausgeber); Hische, Jessica (Illustrator)
Wyatt, Sir Thomas; Smith, Michael (Herausgeber)