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Robert Creeley
Paul A. Lacey
Anselm Hollo
Kyger, Joanne; Creeley, Robert

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Diane, Foreword by Robert Creeley DI PRIMA
Hollo, Anselm. Foreword by Robert Creeley; Afterword by Edward Dorn
DI PRIMA, Diane, Foreword by Robert Creeley
Anselm Hollo, Edward Dorn (Afterword), Robert Creeley (Foreword)
Creeley, Robert] Grenier, Robert, editor
Olson, Charles, edited by Robert Creeley
Bonvicino, Regis [Translated from the Portuguese By Michael Palmer, Jennifer Sarah Cooper, Scott Bentley, Chris Daniels, Regina Alfarano, Guy...
Dorn, Edward / Creeley, Robert {Preface} / Allen, Donald {edited}
Oppen, George/ Creeley, Robert (EDT)/ Creeley, Robert