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Robert Bly
Rolf Jacobsen
Olav H. Hauge
William Stafford
James Arlington Wright
David Ignatow
Machado, Antonio, Bly, Robert
Miguel Hernández
Robert ed & trans BLY
Bly, Robert & Sunil Dutta [trans.]
Ponge, Francis; Bly, Robert
Yvan Goll

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Robert Bly
Transtromer, Tomas. Edited by Robert Hass. Translated by Robert Bly, Robin Fulton, May Swenson, Samuel Charters, John F. Deane, Joanna Bankier,...
Ak'abal, Humberto, translated by Miguel Rivera with Robert Bly
Jacobsen, Rolf translated by Robert Bly, Roger Greenwald, & Robert
RILKE, Ranier Maria, Robert Bly (Karl Shapiro)
Hui-Ming, Wang; Robert Bly; Charles Simic; David Ignatow; James Tate; Et Al
ALEIXANDRE, Vincente. (MERWIN, W. S.). (BLY, Robert).
Bly, Robert Chosen, Translated, And With A Preface By
[Lorca and Jimenez] Bly, Robert, translator and chosen
Robert, Neruda, Pablo, ; Vallejo, CGesar, ; Knoepfle, John, ; Wright, James Arlington, Bly
Stafford, William / Bly, Robert, Editor; Introduction