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Richard Baxter
1615-1691 Baxter
Baxter, Richard, ,Wesley, John,
Thomas Erskine
Richard & John Wesley Baxter
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin,
Baxter, Richard, ,Wesley, John, , ed
Robert E; Richard Baxter Baxter
Baxter Rev Richard
BAXTER, Richard (Puritan) WESLEY, John
Richard (Rev. Mr. Baxter
Rev. Rich Baxter
Richard Baxter / John Wesley

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Baxter, Richard
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691,Fawcett, Benjamin, 1715-1780
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin, , [from old catalog] ed
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin, , ed
Baxter, Rev. Richard; Abridged By Benjamin Fawcett
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin, ,Erskine, Thomas,
Baxter, Rev. Richard; abridged by Fawcett, Benjamin
Baxter, Richard, ,Presbyterian Church in the U.S. Board of Publication
Baxter, Rev. Richard. Abr. Benjamin Fawcett
Baxter, Richard (Rev. Mr. ); Abridged By Benjamin Fawcett
BAXTER Richard & FAWCETT Benjamin (abridged by),
Baxter Richard / Fletcher John The Rev.
BAXTER, Richard (Puritan) 1615-1691 [ WESLEY, John (1703-1791) ]
BAXTER, Richard (Puritan) 1615-1691, FLETCHER, John (1729-1785), ALLEINE,
BAXTER, Richard (Puritan) FLETCHER, John ( - ), ALLEINE
Baxter, Richard, ,American Tract Society,Fawcett, Benjamin,
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin, , ed,American Tract Society
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin, , editor,American Tract Society
Baxter, Richard, ,Fawcett, Benjamin, ,Armstrong, Samuel Turell,
Baxter, Richard, ,Wesley, John, ,American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Baxter, Richard, ,Young, William, of Bramhall, Cheshire
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691,Presbyterian Church in the U.S. Board of Publication
Baxter, Richard, of Kidderminster, 1615-1691.
Baxter, Richard ; abridged by John T. Wilkinson
Richard Baxter , Benjamin Fawcett , Thomas Erskine
Baxter, Richard Rev. & Rev John Fletcher.
Baxter, Richard. Translated Bu John Wesley
SILVER BINDING - Richard BAXTER ( author ) - Harriet HAMILTON ( provenance )