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William Cobbett
W Cobbett
Cobbett, William, 1763-1835
William Cobbett; E. Fitch Daglish
Cobbett William Cobbett Pitt ed
COLE Margaret & GDH COBBETT William
Cobbett, Willaim; Cobbett, Pitt
WOOLF, Leonard.) COBBETT, William.

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Cobbett, William, 1763-1835,Cobbett, Pitt, 1852 or 3-1919
Cobbett, William, 1763-1835,Cobbett, Pitt, ed
COBBETT, William (Edited By G.D.H. And Margaret COLE)
COBBETT, WILLIAM. Edited by Ian Dyck. Introduced by Richard Ingrams
Cobbett, William, [edited by J. H. Lobban]
Cobbett, William [ with notes by Pitt Cobett
Cobbett, William. Introduction By Edward Thomas
Cobbett William / Buckley S. E. (Ed. & Abridger)
Cobbett, William; Thomas, Edward (Introduction by)
William Cobbett, James Paul Cobbett (Notes)
Cobbett, William Introduction By Asa Briggs
COBBETT William M.P For Oldhasm, a New Edition with Notes By Pitt Cobbett
Cobbett (William), edited with an introduction, notes, a biographical record of upwards of nine hundred persons mentioned, an index of places, and...
G.D.H. and Margaret Cole William Cobbett
Cobbett, William / Edward Thomas (intro.)
Cobbett, William. (Notes By James Paul Cobbett).