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Mark Twain
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910
Twain, Mark. , Clemens, Samuel
Mark ( Samuel L. Clemens Twain
Twain, Mark-Clemens, Samuel L.
Twain, Mark; Clemens, Samuel L.
Samuel L. Clemens
Clemens, Samuel; Twain, Mark
Mark Twain A. Grove Day (Foreword)
Rogers, Franklin R. (Editor)
1835-1910 Twain
Twain, Mark, Clemens, Samuel
Twain, Mark, Samuel L. Clemens

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Mark Twain
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Twain, Mark Paul, Rodman W. (Introduction)
Twain, Mark; Rogers, Franklin R. [Editor]; Baender, Paul [Editor];
Twain, Mark (Rogers, Franklin R. Intro, Notes)
Twain, Mark, Fully Illustrated By Eminent Artists
Twain, Mark; Smith, Harriet E. (Editor); Browning, Robert P. (Editor); Salamo, Lin (Editor)