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J. Walker McSpadden
McSpadden, J. Walker and Wilson, Charles
J. Walker 1874 McSpadden
Illustrator-Louis Slobodkin
McSpadden J Walker
McSpadden, J. Walker, Charles Wilson
Hildebrandt, Greg (Ilustrator)
J. Walker Mc Spadden/
Charles McSpadden J.Walker; Wilson
McSpadden J.W. & Wilson Charles
McSpadden J.Walker
J.Walker & Charles Wilson McSpadden

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McSpadden, J. Walker
McSpadden, J. Walker and Wilson, Charles (retold by, from the old ballads)
J. Walker, Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin McSpadden
McSpadden, J. Walker; Slobodkin, Louis (illustrator)
CHARLES. MCSPADDEN, illustrations by N C Wyeth' 'J. WALKER. AND WILSON
J. Walker. And Wilson, Charles. McSpadden
J. Walker, Children's Classics McSpadden
McSpadden , J. Walker. and Wilson, Charles
McSpadden, J. Walker; Edgar, Madalen; Havell, H. L.; Baldwin, James; WILMOT-BUXTON, E. M.
McSpadden J. Walker (illustrated by Louis Slobodkin)