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Edmund Burke
Joseph Priestley
Edmund and Thomas Paine Burke
Major Scott
Burke, Edmund and Mahoney, Thomas H. D,
George Sampson
Major 1747 Scott
Edmund; edited by E.J. Payne Burke
Burke, EdmundPriestley, Joseph
Burke, Edmund ; Payne, E J
Burke, Edmund Paine, Thomas
Burke, Edmund, ,Payne, Edward John,
Burke, Edmund, ,Sampson, George,
Burke, Edmund, Edited By Hammond Lamont
Edmund; Paine Thomas Burke
Burke, Edmund; Payne, edited by E.J.
BURKE. Edmund.
Edmund Payne E. J. [editor]; Burke
Edmund [1729-1797] Burke
Edmund Burke ( E. J. Payne - Edited )
Edmund, ,Payne, Edward John, Burke
Oliver Goldsmith
James Edward Hamilton
Walter Scott

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Hamilton, James Edward,Paine, Thomas, . Rights of man,Burke, Edmund, ?-. Reflections on the revolution in France
Paine, Thomas, George H. Smith and Edmund, III Burke
Scott, Walter, Sir, ,Burke, Edmund, . Reflections on the revolution in France
Madison, James; Alexander Hamilton; John Jay: Alexis de Tocquevile: Edmund Burke: Adam Smith
James; Hamilton, Alexander; Jay, John; Burke, Edmund, De Tocqueville, Alexis; Smith, Adam Madison
Richard; Burke, Edmund; Priestley, Joseph Price
Burke, Edmund, ,Atkinson, William P. (William Parsons), , former owner,Pickering, Timothy, , former owner,King, M.O. Glen, former owner,Trask,...
Goldsmith, Oliver, ,Gray, Thomas, ,Burke, Edmund, ?-,Millar, John, d.
Goldsmith, Oliver, ?-,Gray, Thomas, . Elegy in a country church-yard,Burke, Edmund, . Reflections on the revolution in France,Millar, John, d.
Priestley, Joseph, ,Burke, Edmund, ?-. Reflections on the Revolution in France