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Alexander Pope
A. Pope
Holden, George (Editor)
Alexander; Van Dyke, A.M. (ed) Pope
Alexander Pope Thomas Gray
Geoffrey Chaucer
John Dixon Hunt
Pope, Alexander / Lougee & McHenry, eds
Pope, Alexander; Cunningham, J. S
Pope, Mr [Alexander]
Artuthnat, John; Pope, Alexander, et al
Alexander and others Pope
Pope; Ryland (Editor)
Alexander Haslewood BooksPope
Edited by John Butt Alexander Pope
Alexander Editiones Insulae - Pope
GRAY, Thomas & POPE, Alexander
Holden G (Ed. )
Joseph Sandy Cunningham; Alexander Pope
POPE (Alexander)
1688-1744 Pope
Pope, A. & Raitt, M. (Ed. )
Raymond Southall
Gregor Roy

See also:

Pope, Alexander; Geoffrey Tillotson (ed.)
Pope, Alexander; Thomas Marc Parrott (Editor)
Dehan, Richard, 1863-1932,Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744
POPE, Alexander (Edited By Geoffrey TILLOTSON)
Pope, Alexander Lougee, David and McHenry, Robert, Jr. Editors
Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744,Beardsley, Aubrey, 1872-1898
Arbuthnot, John]; Barnivelt, Esdras [Pope, Alexander
Pope, Alexander Aubrey Beardsley (Illustrator).
Alexander Pope; Editor-Thomas Marc Parrott
BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (illustrates). POPE, Alexander.
POPE (ALEXANDER) [1688-1744]. Butt (John), Audra (E.), Williams (Aubrey), Tillotson (Geoffrey), Mack (Maynard), Bateson (F.W), Sutherland (James),...
Pope, Alexander. Tillotson, Geoffrey, Ed.
Pope, Alexander; Hilsky, Martin (translator)
Roberts, Thomas Paschall, and Pope, Alexander