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Karel Capek
Capek (Karel & Josef)

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Capek, Karel
Harold W. (editor) (Edgar Allan Poe; H. G. Wells; Edwin Balmer; Philip Wylie; Arthur Conan Doyle; Jules Verne; Olaf Stapledon; E. M. Forster;...
Karel Capek ( P.Selver and adapted for the English stage by Nigel
Karel (trans P. Selver, adapted Nigel Playfair). Capek
Kuebler, Harold W. (editor) (Edgar Allan Poe; Wells, H. G.; Balmer, Edwin; Wylie, Philip; Doyle, Arthur Conan; Verne, Jules; Stapledon, Olaf;...
Bbc Bbc, Full Cast (Narrator)
WATSON E Bradlee & PRESSEY Benfield (Sel & Ed), O'NEILL Eugene, RICE Elmer L, SHERWOOD Robert Emmet, HOWARD Sidney, GALSWORTHY John, BARRIE J M,...