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Isaac Newton
J. Bruce Brackenridge
Newton, Isaac, Sir, ,Frost, Percival,
Frost Percival 1817-1898
J M F Isaac NewtonWRIGHT
Isaac Newton; I. Bernard Cohen
NEWTON Isaac / COHEN Bernard I
William Thomson And Hugh Blackburn
Newton Sir Isaac
Newton, Isaac.- - Guicciardini, Niccolò
H. G. Alexander
H.G. Alexander
François Jacquier
Isaac Newton; Robert Thorp
Isaac, Sir, Newton
J.M.F. Wright [Isaac Newton]
Leonhard Euler
I Newton
Newton, Isaac, Sir 1642-1727
Sir Isaac; Cajori Newton
Sir Isaac; Florian Cajori Newton
Thomas Leseur
William Emerson [Isaac Newton]

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Isaac Newton
Newton, Isaac; Cajori, Florian [Editor]; Motte, Andrew [Translator];
Alexander, H. G., ed.; Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm; Clarke, Samuel; Newton, Isaac
Newton, Sir Isaac [ Translated by Andrew Motte
Newton, Isaac, Sir, ,Leseur, Thomas, ,Jacquier, François, ,Wright, J. M. F. (John Martin Frederick) ed
Newton, Isaac; Motte, Andrew (Translator); Cajori, Florian (Translator); Westfall, Richard (Introduction)
Newton, Sir Isaac, Translated By Florian Cajori
Isaac & Cohen, I & Whitman, Anne & Buzenz, Julia Newton
Sir Isaac Newton, John Martin Frederick Wright, Francois Jacquier
Isaac Newton, translated by Andrew Motte, additional text by W. Emerson AND John Machin, revised and corrected by W. Davis
NEWTON, Isaac. Translated into English by Andrew Motte
Leseur, Thomas, Jacquier, François, Newton, Isaac
Newton, Isaac & Cohen, I & Whitman, Anne & Buzenz, Julia
Newton, Isaac, Sir, ,Leseur, Thomas, ,Jacquier, François, ,Wright, J. M. F. (John Martin Frederick) ed
Newton, Isaac, Sir, and Cajori, Florian (Editor), and Motte, Andrew (Translated by)
NEWTON, Isaac; KOYRE, Alexandre; COHEN, I. Bernard; WHITMAN, Anne (eds.)
Koyre, Alexandre With I. Bernard Cohen And Anne Whitman
Henry Lord Brougham and E.J. Routh. [Isaac Newton]
Newton, Isaac ed. Alexandre Kyore and I Bernard Cohen
Newton, Isaac; (translated by Andrew Motte)
Newtono, Isaaco [Isaac Newton] ed John Wright.
Leseur Thomas 1703-1770, Jacquier François 1711-1788, Isaac Sir 1642-1727 Newton (Creator)
Newton, Isaac, Sir, ,Cooke, George Leigh, ?-, ed
Newton, Isaac, Sir, ,Kelvin, William Thomson, Baron, , ed,Blackburn, Hugh, jt. ed
Newton, Isaac, Sir, ,Koyre, Alexandre, ,Cohen, I. Bernard, , ed
Newton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727. Edited by John Jebb [1736-1786], Robert Thorp [1736?-1812], and George Wollaston [1738-1826].
Newton, Isaac; Alexandre Koyre and I. Bernard Cohen, assembled and edited with the assistance of Anne Whitman
Newton, Isaac; Andrew Motte, Florian Cajori
Newton, Isaac; Euler, Leonhard; Maclaurin, Colin
Newton, Isaac; Jacquier, François; Euler, Leonhard
Newton, Isaac; Jacquier, François; Leseur, Thomas
THEERMAN, Paul & Adele F. SEEFF (eds.) [NEWTON, Isaac]