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Harold Foster
Greg Stafford
Foster, Harold R. [Hal]
FOSTER (Harold R.)
Foster, [Hal] Harold [Rudolph]
Harold & Max Trell Foster
Max Foster Hal; Trell
Foster, Harold With Trell, Max
Harold-Text By Max Trell Foster
Foster (Hal) And Max Trell
Crouch, Bill, Jr. (Editor)
Foster / Trell
Foster, Harold, with Max Trell
harold/ Text By Max Trell Foster

See also:

Foster, Harold R.; Janetzki, Hans-Jurgen (editor)
Harold Foster (Hal); Text tadapted by Max Trell
Harold; Trell, Max (text Adapted from) Foster
Foster, Hal(Author); Foster, Hal(Illustrator)
Foster, Harold; text by Trell, Max (from the original story)