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James Lee Burke
Patrick F McManus
John Steinbeck
Gudrun Ongman
Kathleen Pennell
Eleanor C Bishop
Stephen King
Not Credited
Howard R Driggs
Lewis Grizzard
Waddell Smith
Rod Barker
Byers S H M
James Elliott
Jauck, Andrea; Points, Larry
Peggy Jett Pittenger
Slade, Anne; Bircham, Doris
Nolie Mumey
Larry Fish
Lorna Howlett
Josie Guilbeau Keller
Jerry Kennealy
Charles Rendell Mabey
Robert. Payne
R.S. Summerhays
Reasoner, James as Reasoner, J. L
Meic Stephens
John Tickner
Mike Walford
Joseph Bernstein
C. J. Rowe
Judith Campbell
Wendy Douthwaite
Georgie Henschel
Sanford Tousey
Barbara Bowland
Paul Brown
Reg Butler
Bunny Dryden
Sir Edward Durand
Eleanor E. Helme And Nance Paul
Jerry Ellis
Charles Philip Fox
Janet Holyoake
Harriet Shriver Howard
Josephine Pullein-thompson
Jim Kirkwood
Colonel S.G.Goldschmidt Lieut
Major C.M. Enriquez
Mary May
Frank Micek
Vivian Gregory Piper
John K. Rollinson
Lois K Szymanski
Talmadge, Marian & Gilmore, Iris
Forward By William Fawcett w a Rouch
Wayne Watson
Williams Dorian
Amanda Gavin
Andrea Jauck & Larry Points
L. Frank Bedell
Jim Littlehoof And Joyce Caldwell Bell
Roy S. Bloss
Brooke Geoffrey,
Geoffrey Brooke
Brooks Stephanie and Karen Mannion
Mary And Conrad Buff
Regina Francoise Cooley
Christopher Corbett
Cynthia Cotten
Grove Cullum
Jean Day
Dean Poling
DeForest, Charlotte B (SIGNED)
DENT, Anthony & GOODALL, Daphne Machin
e hartley edwards
Elizabeth Harrover Johnson
Elizabeth Sprigge
Victoria Eveleigh
FENNER, Phyllis R, ed
FRAJOLA Richard C. KRAMER George J.
Frederic Remington
GaWaNe Pony Boy
Gawani Pony Boy
Goodall, Daphne, MacHin
Harry T Sutton
William S. Hart
Robin Hathaway
Patrick Hearty
helen kay
Hodgson, Norma Anzini (Compiler)
Irene Makin
Jenifer Morrissey
Jessie-Ann Friend
John K. Rollinson
Lana Jordan
Kay Hively
Barbara Knight
Avril C.R. Knott
W.R. Leigh
Mrs. Madeline Leslie
Letts Judy
Lynd Ward
Pat Lyne
M E Buckingham
James Eric Macmaster
Margaret MacPherson
David Mamet
Bill And Bernard Martin
Raymond W. Settle Maryland Settle
Mears, Robert H. with Gagneux, Lorna
Roibert H. Mears
Gene Miller
Ernest Mills
Ruth N. Moore
M. C. Nathan
Ned Andrews
Irene Osborne
Peter H Riddle
Phyllis Hinton and John Nestle
Mary Denis. Reidy
Blanch Rene
Rh Value Publishing
Judy Richter
S. G. Goldschmidt
Sandy Duval
Margaret Cabell Self
Mary Lund; Raymond W. Settle Settle
Raymond W Settle
Sharron Murgatroyd
Shatka Bear-Step
SIRINGO, Charles Angelo (1855-1928).
Bill Smart
Marian; Iris Gilmore Talmadge
Tickner. John. Signed. :
William Lightfoot VISSCHER
Waddell-Editor. Smith
Julie White
Belinda Whitworth
Donald Worcester
Felicity Young
Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Manns, William, and Riley, Dru (Editor), and Stevens, Marianne
Rollinson, John K.; Brininstool, E. A. (edited & arranged)
Shaw, Frederic; Clement Fisher, Jr., and George H. Harlan
W.A. Rouch With Foreword By Willaim Fawcett
Baglio, Ben M, and Daniels, Lucy, and Howard, Paul (Illustrator)
KRUGER, Barbara (Artist) & Stephen King (Text).
Craig (Charles William Thurlow). ("Thurlow Craig"). (1901-1985).
Stevens, Fae Hewston [Illustrated by Ian Nimmo Forrest]
Jessie-Ann Friend; M. McFadden Roberts [Illustrator]
Lee Jensen, Illustrated by Nicholas Eggenhofer
MacSkimming, Roy (R) & Hawkins, William (Wm)
Lyttle, Rita (illustrated by paul geraghty)
Root, Frank A. and Connelley, William E.
Santee, Ross (With Two Original Watercolor Drawings).
Shaw, Frederic, Clement Fisher, and George Harlan
Shaw, Frederic, Fisher, Clement, Harlan, George
Farley, Walter; Re-Illustrated by Baje Whitethorne Sr.; Navajo Translation by Elsi Carr; CD Narration by Evangeline Parsons Yazzie and Geoff Norcross