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Lane Cooper
S. H. Butcher
Aristotle - Shakespeare
Louis Ropes Aristotle And Loomis
Aristotle; D. W. Lucas
Jowett, Benjamin & Twining, Thomas
Kenneth McLeish
Kenneth A Telford
F L AristotleLucas
Aristotle & L. J. Potts
William Aristotle & Shakespeare
Demetrius Aristotle
Aristotle, Demetrius, Horace
Translated By S.H. Butcher Aristotle
Leonardo & D.Gutas ARISTOTLE. Taran
Aristotle/ Longinus/ Demetrius
S.H. Butcher
1875-1959 Cooper
Aristotle Demetrius
Hobbes Aristotle
Kaplan, Justin D. (Edited By)
Louise Ropes (editor) Aristotle; Loomis
Plato; Aristotle
S. H. Butcher
Theodore Buckley (aristotle)

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Aristotle, translated by Benjamin Jowett & Thomas Twinning
Aristotle. , Loomis, L. Ropes (edited with Intro by). , MacMahon, J. H. (trans
Buckley, Theodore Alois [Transl]; Aristotle
Aristotle; Jowett & Thomas Twining, Translators
Aristotle ( Louise Ropes Loomis, Editor)
Aristotle, translated by W. Rhys Roberts and Ingram Bywater
Aristoteles / Aristotle + Longinus + Demetrius
Aristotle. Horace. Hobbes. T. Allen Moxon. Demetrius of Phaleron. Longinus
Aristotle. Thomas Hobbes. Theodore Buckley.
Aristotle; Demetrius; Rev. T.A. Moxon (ed)
Aristotle; with Cooper, Lane; and Gudeman, Alfred
Aristotle, Demetrius and others: Ed. T A Moxon
Janko, Richard, Aristotle. Poetics
Aristotle; Demetrius Phalereus; Moxon, Rev. T. A. (ed.)