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Edmund Spenser
Smith, J C & De Selincourt, E
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599
Edmund (1552-1599) Spenser
John Collier
Spenser, Edmund) Dodge, R.E. Neil Ed
J. C. Smith
Edmund Fore-Edge PaintingSPENSER
R. E. Neil Dodge
E. (Editor) De Selincourt
E. De Selincourt
Edmund Spenser; R. E. Neil Dodge
Heninger, S.K., Jr. (Editor)
Spenser, Edmund (Smith, ed.)
Edmund Spenser, J C Smith (Editor)
Philip Masterman
Spenser (Edmund):
Spenser E
1552? -1599 Spenser

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Spenser, Edmund, edited by J C Smith and E de Selincourt
Spenser; Edmund; Heninger; S.K. (editor)
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599,Gilfillan, George, 1813-1878
Edmund Spenser (From The Text Of Mr Upton)
Spenser, Edmund; edited By J.C. Smith and E. De Selincourt
Professor Edmund Spenser, Aikin John 1747-1822
Edmund, edited by R. E. Neil Dodge Spenser
Spenser, Edmund; Smith, J. C.; De Selincourt, Ernest (editors)
de Selincourt, Ernest (ed ); Smith, J C (ed ); Spenser, Edmund
Spenser, Edmund [Selincourt & Smith, eds.]
Spenser, Edmund and Collier J. Payne [editor]
Edmund Spenser; E. De Selincourt [Introduction]
Spenser, Edmund, and Smith, James Cruickshanks, and De Sélincourt, Ernest
De Selincourt, Ernest & Smith, J.C. -Edited:
SPENSER, Edmund / GILFILLAN. George (ed)
Spenser, Edmund ; edited by Ernest de Selincourt
Spenser, Edmund Facsimiles of some original title pages
Smith, J. C. & Selincourt, E. De-Edited By
Spenser (Edited By J C Smith & E De Selincourt )
Spenser, Edmund; Clarke, Charles Cowden Edited By
Spenser, Edmund; Collier, John Payne, ed