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John Plutarch Dryden
Dryden, John (Translator)
Plutarch John Dryden
John Dryden PLUTARCH.
André Dacier
John Dryden Plutach
John S. White
A H Clough
John and others Dryden
Arthur Hugh Clough John Dryden
Hamilton Wright Mabie John Dryden
Langhorne, John, Langhorne, William
Plutarch And John Dryden (Trans. )
John Plutarch.; Dryden
Plutarch, AndràDacier, John Dryden
Plutarch; Dryden, John (trans)
John Dryden & Arthur Hugh Clough
Plutarch; Dryden, John, Translator
Plutarch/ Dacier/Dryden
Dryden, John (Translated)
Dryden, John, Translated from Greek
John-Translated Dryden
J. & W. Langhorne
John Dryden HC GC
John Dryden Plutarch
John S. (Editor) White
Plutarch (Dryden, Tr. )
Plutarch (John Dryden, translator)
Plutarch And Dry...
Plutarch, Thomas North, Amyot
Translators-Dryden And Clough Plutarch
John Plutarch. Dryden
Plutarch; Dryden, John (translator)
Arthur Hugh Plutarch; Dryden; Clough
Plutarch; John And William Langhorne
Plutarch; Perrin, Bernadotte (Trans. )
Plutarch; Raymond T. Bond [Editor]
Plutarch; Translator-John Dryden
A. Stewart
John Translated From Greek By Dryden

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John (translator); Clough, Arthur Hugh (reviser) Plutarch; Dryden
Arthur Hugh Clough, John Dryden, Hamilton Wright Mabie
Plutarch; translated by John Dryden and others
Plutarch,Dryden, John, ,Clough, Arthur Hugh, ,Frye, Northrop
Edited And Arranged By Raymond T. Bond; Translated By John Dryden
Plutarch, translated by John Dryden and revised by Arthur Hugh Clough
Translated By John Dryden; Revised By Arthur Hugh Clough
Dryden, John (Translator); Lehmann., Clayton Miles
Plutarch & Arthur Hugh Clough & John Dryden
Plutarch (Dryden, John Trans) Trans) (Hutchins, Robert M. Maynard Ed). (Adler, J. Mortimer Assoc
Plutarch (Elliot, Charles W. Ed) (Dryden's Translation) Clough, Arthur Hugh Revised
Plutarch, Mayes (Editor), Bernard (Editor)
Plutarch-Dryden, John-Clough, A.H. (Ed. )
Clough, Plutarch. Translated By John Dryden. Revised By Arthur High
Plutarch; Clough and Goodwin (eds.); Emerson, Ralph Waldo (intro.); Dryden, John (trans.)
Plutarch; Clough, Arthur Hugh [Editor]; Dryden, John [Translator];
Plutarch; Dryden, John (Translator); Clough, Arthur Hugh (Reviser)
John, And William Langhorne Plutarch; Langhorne
Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1861), English poet, critic, translator and educationalist [John Dryden's translation of Plutarch]
Plutarch; John Dryden (Translator); Arthur Hugh Clough, Charles Alexander Robinson (Editors)
Plutarch; Dryden [Translator]; Clough Arthur Hugh [Editor]; Eliot, Charles W. [Editor]
Dryden, John (Tranalator) And Van Doren, Carl
Dryden, John, ,Clough, Arthur Hugh, Plutarch
John Dryden (Translator), Hamilton Wright Mabie (Introduction)
John Dryden, Arthur Hugh Clough, Arthur Hugh Plutarch
Plutarch With Revisions By Arthur Hugh Clough
Plutarch, Thomas North, John Dryden , Arthur Hugh Clough
Plutarch. John Dryden, translator. Arthur Hugh Clough, ed
Plutarch; Charles W. Eliot [Editor]; Arthur Hugh Clough [Translator];
Plutrach; Dryden, John (trans.); Clough, Arthur Hugh (rev.)
Translated by John Dryden and Revised by Arthur Hugh Clough
selection edited by edmund fuller, translated by john dryden revised by arthur hugh clough