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Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. Plutarch
Plutarch (John Dryden, translator)
Plutarch; A. H. Clough (translator)
Arthur Hugh Plutarch; Dryden; Clough
A.H. Clough
CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh (editor) (PLUTARCH)
Charles Alexander Plutarch / Robinson
Plutarch; Edited By Arthur Hugh Clough

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Bond, Raymond T. - Editor (Plutarch) (Dryden)
Plutarch. Translated By Dryden, Revised By A. H. Clough
Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1861), English poet, critic, translator and educationalist [John Dryden's translation of Plutarch]
Plutarch. The Facing Title Page And The Illustrations Incorporated In The Text Are Facsimiles From The 1676 Edition Of...
Plutarch; Edited By Charles W. Eliot; Corrected and Revised By Arthur Hugh Clough
Plutarch; Robinson, C.A., Jr. (Editor and Introduction)