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Plato; W. R. M. Lamb
Richard; Plato McKirahan
Adam Beresford Plato
G. M. A. Grube
Plato/ Reeve, C. D. C. (Editor)
Plato; George Burges [Translator]
Benjamin (Trans) Plato) Jowett
Plato) Jowett, Benjamin (Trans)
Translated Burges Plato

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Plato, and Rouse, W. H. D. (Translated by), and Warmington, Eric Herbert (Edited by), and Rouse, Philip G. (Edited by)
Plato; Translated And With Commentary By R.E. Allen
Plato; Alexander Sesonke And Noel Fleming
Plato; Stock, St. George (Intro., Notes)
Plato] Sesonke, Alexander and Noel Fleming
Plato (introduction and notes by St. George Stock)
Tarrant, Harold ( Topic: Plato's Meno, Plato, Theory Of Recollection )
The Shrine Of Wisdom