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Captain Charles Johnson
Johnson, Charles, Fl. 1724-1731, Fraser, Claud Lovat, 1890-1921
Daniel Defoe
1724-1736, Johnson Charles, Capt.
C Johnson
Daniel Defoe, Charles Johnson, Captain
Philip Gosse Captain Charles Johnson
C. Johnson
Defoe, Daniel; Johnson, Charles, Capt.
Johnson, Charles, Capt

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Johnson, Charles
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731,Johnson, Charles, fl. 1724-1731,Smith, Alexander, fl. 1714-1726
Johnson, Captain Charles; Gosse, Philip [ed.]; Ggilvie, Alexina [illus.]
Johnson, Charles, Capt.; Arthur L. Hayward, ed
Johnson, Captain Charles (Philip Gosse, Ed.)
Johnson, Captain Charles. Edited By Arthur L. Hayward
Johnson Charles fl. 1724-1731 Fraser Claud Lovat 1890-1921
Charles; Fraser, C. Lovat (1890-1921) , [Illus. ] Johnson
Captain Charles - edited with a Preface by Philip Gosse, adorn'd with Cuts by Alexina Ogilvie Johnson
Thomas Carey, Daniel Defoe?, Captain Charles Johnson