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Paul A. Tipler
David Mills
Tipler, Paul Allen; Mosca, Gene
Paul A., Mosca, Gene Tipler
Paul Tipler University Gene Mosca
Mosca, Gene/ Tipler, Paul A.
Gene Mosca Paul Allen Tipler
Gene Mosca, Kyker Jr., Granvil C.
Gene Mosca
Gene; Ru... Mosca
Paul A. Tipler Gene P. Mosca
Mosca, Gene, Tipler, Paul Allen
Tipler, Paul A, and Mosca, Gene
Tipler, Paul A. & Mosca, Gene
Tipler, Paul Allen/ Mosca, Gene
University Paul A Tipler

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Tipler, Paul A., Neal, Valeria, Tenney, Steve
Gene Mosca, Granvil C. Kyker, Ronald Gua
Mills, David;Tipler, Paul A.;Adler, Charles;Whittaker, Edward
Ruskell Todd Mosca Gene P. Tipler Paul A.
Tipler, Paul Allen, and Mosca, Gene, and Gautreau, Ronald