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Paul A. Tipler
Tipler, Paul Allen; Mosca, Gene
Mosca, Gene; Tipler, Paul
Mosca, Gene/ Tipler, Paul A.
Mosca, Gene, Ruskell, Todd
Paul A., Mosca, Gene Tipler
Blatt, Frank J., Tipler, Paul A.
Mosca Gene Tipler Paul A.
Mosca, Gene P., Tipler, Paul A.
Gene Mosca Paul Allen Tipler
Paul Allen Tipler/ Gene Mosca
P Tipler

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Gene Mosca, Granvil C. Kyker, Ronald Gua
Tipler, Paul A.; Mosca, Gene; Gautreau, Ronald
David Mills, Paul Allen Tipler, University Gene Mosca
Tipler, Paul Allen, and Mosca, Gene, and Gautreau, Ronald
Mills, David;Tipler, Paul A.;Adler, Charles;Whittaker, Edward
Mosca, University Gene, Tipler, Paul Allen, Mills, David