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Raymond A. Serway
Gordon, John R.; McGrew, Ralph R.
John R Gordon
John Jewett
Robert J. Beichner
Raymond A. Serway John R. Gordon
Jewett, John, Serway, Raymond A.
Ralph R. McGrew John R. Gordon
Jr. John W. Jewett/ Raymond A. Serway
Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett Jr.
Serway & Beichner
Serway Raymond A
Serway, Raymond A.; Jewett Jr., John W.
Serway/ Jewett
W. Jewett, John; Serway, Jr. Raymon A.

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Serway, Raymond A.; Van Wyk, Steven; McGrew, Ralph; Gordon, John R.
Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett, John R. Gordon, Ralph V. McGrew
Gordon, John R.; McGrew, Ralph; Van Wyk, Steven; Serway, Raymond
Gordon, John R., McGrew, Ralph V., Serway, Raymond A.
John R. Gordon, Ralph McGrew, Raymond A. Serway, Duane Deardorff
Serway, Raymond A, and Jewett, John W, and Gordon, John R
Serway, Raymond A.; Beichner, Robert J.; McGrew, Ralph R.; Gordon, John R.