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Jean Baptiste Racine
Jean Racine Pierre Corneille
Corneille, Pierre; Racine, Jean
Pierre Corneille
Corneille, Pierre & Racine, Jean) Landis, Paul ed/trans
Racine, Jean Baptiste and Knight, Jim
Derek Mahon
George Dillon
Jean Racine Frank McGuinness
Jean-Baptiste; Agnes Tobin Racine
Robert & Jacques Barzun Lowell
Lowell, Robert (Translator)Racine
Lowell, Robert. Racine, Jean
Kenneth Muir - Transl. Jean Racine
Lowell, Robert & Barzun, Jacques
Racine And Beaumarchais
Racine, Jean and Vico, Giovanni
Racine, Jean; Beaumarchais, Pierre De
Racine. Jean
Robert Lowell

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Jean Racine
Landis, Paul (editor) (Includes Pierre Corneille: Cid; Pierre Corneille: Cinna; Jean Racine: Andromache; Jean Racine: Athaliah; Jean Racine:...
Barzun, Jacques; Lowell, Robert; Racine; Beaumarchais
Racine, Jean and Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
Jean Racine (Author); John Craincross (Translated and Introduction by); E.V. Rieu (The Penguin Classics, Edited by)
Lowell Robert (Translated By) And Barzun Jacques (Translated By)
Lowell, Robert / Jacques Barzun / Parker, Frank
(Lowell, Robert). (Racine, Jean). (Brazun, Jacques). (Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron De).
Corneille, Pierre & Jean Racine & Paul Landis
Racine, Jean, and Lowell, Robert and Barzun, Jacques
Racine; Beaumarchais; Lowell, Robert [Translator]; Barzun, Jacques [Translator]