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J. M. Barrie
Susan Hudson
Barrie, J M (author); Ken Anderson (animator); Ward Kimball (animation director)
BARRIE, J. M.IMPEY, Rose., and BECK, Ian
Hildebrandt, Greg (illus.); Collodi, Carlo; Baum, L. Frank; Barrie, J. M
he lived J. M. Barrie ( James ) SIGNED
BARRIE, J.M.PILLER, Gordon, editor
J M ( James Matthew Barrie Barrie
Spielberg, Steven; (Barrie, J. M.)
BARRIE, J. M. RACKHAM, Arthur (illus.)
Barrie, J.M.; Rackham, Arthur
Pauline Chase J M Barrie
J.M. Barrie's. Retold By May Byron.
Arthur illustrates J. M Barrie Rackham

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J. M. Barrie
RACKHAM, Arthur, illustrator | BARRIE, J M
REGO, Paula (illustrator). By J. M. Barrie
Rackham, Arthur illustrates J. M. Barrie
J. M. Barrie ( James ) SIGNED , he lived 1860-1937
Hildebrandt, Greg (J. M. Barrie, L. Frank Baum, Carlo Collodi)
Barrie, J[ames] M[atthew] (1860-1937) & Arthur Rackham (Illustrator; 1867-1939).