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J. M. Barrie
O'Connor, Daniel (After J. M. Barrie)
Wendy Craig
Rh Disney
Walt Disney
J.M. Barrie's Adaptation
James Barrie
Barrie, J. M & Carroll, Lewis
Barrie, J. M.; Lowery, Wendi
J.M. Barrie BARRIE
Barrie, J.M., Johnstone, Michael
Coco, Eugene Bradley; Barrie, J.M.
Chris Dk Publishing; Molan
Susan Hill
Daniel Stephen O'Connor
J. M. Barrie Susan Hill
Andrew Hamilton J.M. Barrie
J. M Rackham.Barrie
Rackham, Arthur; Barrie, James M
J.M. & Diane Barrie & Goode
Barrie, J M; Byron, May
Barrie, J. M. & Byron, May
Barrie, J. M. [James Matthew]
Barrie, J. M. [retold by Irene Pearl]
BARRIE, J. M. and Byron, May
Barrie, J.M.; Granowsky, Alvin
James M Barrie
Carey, Mary;Barrie, J. M.
F Bedford
Groom Arthur
May Byron J. M. Barrie
Daniel J. M.Barrie; O'Connor
J.M. Barrie,John Caird,Trevor Nunn
J.M. Barrie- Daniel O}Connor
Lewis Carroll / J. M. Barrie
May Byron & J.M. Barrie
Pamela Bradbury
Monique Peterson
J. M Rackham - Barrie
Sabuda, Robert. (Barrie, J. M.)
Vincent, Edith; Barrie, J.M.
Phoebe Wilson
YING ] BA LI ( Barrie.J.M )
YING ] BA LI . Barrie ( J.M )

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Daniel O Connor, J M 1860-1937 Barrie, Alice B Woodward
Barrie, J M; Attwell, Mabel Lucie [illus.]
Based Story By J. M. Barrie, But This is Probably Different Author
O'CONNOR, Daniel. (Retold by). Sir J.M. Barrie
Burnett, Frances Hodgson with J. M. Barrie and E. Nesbit
J. M. Barrie ( James ) SIGNED , he lived
J. M. Barrie, Joan Collins, George Buchanan
Barrie, J.M. Edited By Olive Jones Mabel Lucie Attwell
Story of Peter Pan By ( James ) J. M. Barrie, as Told By Daniel OConnor, Illustrations After Alice Woodward & Racketty-Packetty House By Frances...
BARRIE, J. M. (ed. May BYRON) and RACKHAM, Arthur
Barrie, J. M. Ed Carruth, Jane; Illus Johnstone, Anne Grahame
Barrie, J. M.; Baum, Frank L.; Carroll, Lewis
Barrie, J.M./ Byron, May / Attwell, Mable Lucie; Illustrator
Barrie, James Matthew, and Carroll, Lewis
Barrie, James Matthew, and Emusic, Tom (Editor)
Barrie, James; Martin, Marcia, Retold By
BY JAMES M. BARRIE, Illustrated with Scenes from the Photoplay- a Paramount Picture. Blank Endpapers Light FoX & Former Owner Inscription in Ink....
Cardona, Jose; Marvin, Fred; Strasser, Todd
Carroll, Lewis, and Barrie, James Matthew, and Kippling, Rudyard
Graham, Eleanor / J. M. Barrie, Illustrator: Ardizzone, Edward
Hill, Susan, and Barrie, James Matthew, and Long, Susan Hill
J M Barrie & May Byron; Pictures By Mabel Lucie At
Barrie, J M retold for the Nursery By May Byron
Barrie, J. M. & Arthur Rackham (illustrator) & David Wootton (preface)
Barrie, J. M. Illustrated by: Illustrated by Roy Best
Barrie, J.M. & adapted by Bob Moore : Illustrated by: Walt Disney Studio
Kingsley, Charles & Barrie,J.M. Jessie Willcox Smith & Mabel Lucie Attwell
Oliver, Peter, Eric Kincaid und Angelika [Übers.] Barrie James M. Eisold-Viebig
Rackham, Arthur with an Intro By Margery Darrell ( Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll, Hugh and Mary Lamb, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Washington...