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J. M. Barrie
O'Connor, Daniel; Barrie, J. M.
Kingsley, Charles, Barrie, J. M
Daniel O'Connor
Andrew Hamilton J.M. Barrie
Barrie, J.M., Johnstone, Michael
Hill, Susan; Barrie, J. M.
Daniel Stephen O'Connor
Barrie, J.M.; Byron, May
Barrie, J M [James Matthew]
Barrie, J. M & Carroll, Lewis
Barrie, J. M. (adp)
Barrie, J. M.; Lowery, Wendi
J.M. Barrie BARRIE
Susan Hill
J. M. Barrie; Roy Best [Illustrator]
J.M Barrie & May Byron
Daniel O'Connor J.M Barrie
KINGSLEY, Charles. and, J.M. Barrie
Strasser, Todd; Barrie, J. M
Edith Vincent
J M Rackham Barrie
BARRIE, J M PILLER, Gordon, editor
J.M. & Diane Barrie & Goode
J M ( James Matthew Barrie Barrie
J M / bewerkt door Rose Impey Barrie
BARRIE, J M and Byron, May
Barrie, J. M. & Byron, May
Barrie, J. M. [James Matthew]
Barrie, J. M.; Jaramillo, Raquel
J.M. And Lewis Carroll Barrie
Barrie, J.M.; Byron, May (retold)
Barrie, J.M.; Granowsky, Alvin
Barrie, J.M.; Rackham, Arthur
Cardona, Jose; Marvin, Fred
Lewis Carroll
Cathy East Dubowski
J. M. Barrie Charles Kingsley
Disney Editions
J M Barrie : Olive Jones (editor)
Geraldine McCaughrean J M Barrie
J.M. Barrie / Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll / J. M. Barrie
Nora S. Unwin
O'Connor, Daniel (After J. M. Barrie)
Pamela Bradbury
YING ] J.M. BA LI ( J.M.Barrie )

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Burnett, Frances Hodgson with J. M. Barrie and E. Nesbit
Based Story By J. M. Barrie, But This is Probably Different Author
O'CONNOR, Daniel. (Retold by). Sir J.M. Barrie
J. M. Barrie ( James ) SIGNED , he lived
Barrie, J.M. Edited By Olive Jones Mabel Lucie Attwell
Kincaid, Eric; Barrie, J.M.; Carroll, Lewis; Grahame, Kenneth; Kipling, Rudyard
Story of Peter Pan By ( James ) J. M. Barrie, as Told By Daniel OConnor, Illustrations After Alice Woodward & Racketty-Packetty House By Frances...
Barrie, [James Matthew] / Arthur Rackham
BARRIE, J. M. (ed. May BYRON) and RACKHAM, Arthur
Barrie, J. M. retold by O'Connor, Daniel
Barrie, J. M., [retold by May Byron] illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell
Barrie, J. M.; Byron, May; Rackham, Arthur (ill.)
Barrie, J. M.; Disney, Walt (adaptation)
Barrie, J.M. (Text); Kincaid, Eric (Illustr.); Eisold-Viebig, Angelika (Übers.)
Barrie, James M.; Disney, Walt and The Walt Disney Studio; Hench, John
Barrie, James Matthew, and Carroll, Lewis
Barrie, James; Martin, Marcia, Retold By
BY JAMES M. BARRIE, Illustrated with Scenes from the Photoplay- a Paramount Picture. Blank Endpapers Light FoX & Former Owner Inscription in Ink....
Cardona, Jose; Marvin, Fred; Strasser, Todd
Eugene Bradley Coco and Ron Dias and J.M. Barrie
Halliday, Donald (Ausgewaehlt); Barrie, J. M.; Sears, Ted; Penner, Erdman; Peet, Bill; Hibler, Winston; Rinaldi, Joe; Banta, Milt; Wright, Ralph;...
Barrie, J M (author); Ken Anderson (animator); Ward Kimball (animation director)
J M Barrie; Edmund Blampied [Illustrator]
J M Barrie; May Byron; illustrated by Arthur Rackham
Barrie, J M retold for the Nursery By May Byron
Barrie, J. M. & Arthur Rackham (illustrator) & David Wootton (preface)
J. M. Barrie, Arthur Rackham, F. D. Bedford
J. M. Barrie, Illust Arthur Rackham in B/W with color Frontispiece & 5 OTHER GLOSSY COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS, FORMER owner stamp BACK Blank foxed...
J. M. Barrie; George MacDonald; E. Nesbit; Charles Kingsley
Barrie, J. M. Illustrated by: Illustrated by Roy Best
Kingsley, Charles & Barrie,J.M. Jessie Willcox Smith & Mabel Lucie Attwell
Lewis Carroll, Daniel Defoe, Anna Sewell, Robert L. Steveson, J. M. Barrie, Frank Baum
O'Connor, Daniel, ,Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), ,Woodward, Alice B
Rocco, Anthony F. (Ausgewaehlt); Mathews, Temple; Barrie, J. M.; Crocker, Carter; Flansburgh, John (Komponist); Linnell, John (Komponist);...