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J. M. Barrie
Daniel O'Connor
Hickson, Ella; Barrie, J.M.
Johnstone, Michael; Barrie, J.M.
Andrew Hamilton J.M. Barrie
Barrie, J M; Rego, Paula [illus.]
Barrie, J.M.; Carroll, Lewis
Rh Disney
Hill, Susan, Barrie, J. M
J.M. Barrie. BARRIE
Barrie, J M [James Matthew]
Barrie, J. M.; Lowery, Wendi
Susan Hill
J M Barrie & May Byron
J.M Barrie & May Byron
Daniel O'Connor J.M Barrie
Retold by M. Byron J.M Barrie
Daniel Stephen O'Connor
Edith Vincent
J M Rackham Barrie
BARRIE, J M PILLER, Gordon, editor
J.M. & Diane Barrie & Goode
BARRIE, J M and Byron, May
Barrie, J. M. & Byron, May
Barrie, J. M. [James Matthew]
Barrie, J. M., Hill, Susan
Barrie, J. M., Jaramillo, Raquel
Barrie, J.M. - Morales, María Luz
Barrie, J.M.; Byron, May
Barrie, J.M.; Granowsky, Alvin
Cardona, Jose; Marvin, Fred
Cathy East Dubowski
Charles Kingsley & J.M. Barrie
Disney Editions
Groom Arthur
Alice B Woodward J M Barrie
Lewis Barrie J. M./ Carroll
J.M. Barrie / Lewis Carroll
James M. (J. M. ) Barrie
KINGSLEY, Charles. and, J.M. Barrie.
Lewis Carroll / J. M. Barrie
Michael Johnstone
Pamela Bradbury

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Frances Hodgson Burnett; J. M. Barrie; E. Nesbit
Based Story By J. M. Barrie, But This is Probably Different Author
J. M. Barrie ( James ) SIGNED , he lived
Barrie, J.M. Edited By Olive Jones Mabel Lucie Attwell
Story of Peter Pan By ( James ) J. M. Barrie, as Told By Daniel OConnor, Illustrations After Alice Woodward & Racketty-Packetty House By Frances...
Barrie, [James Matthew] / Arthur Rackham
Lewis, And J. M. Barrie [Josette Frank (Editor)] Carroll
BARRIE, J. M. (ed. May BYRON) and RACKHAM, Arthur
Barrie, J. M. retold by O'Connor, Daniel
Barrie, J. M., [retold by May Byron] illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell
Barrie, J. M.; Baum, Frank L.; Carroll, Lewis
Barrie, J. M.; Disney, Walt (adaptation)
Barrie, J.M. (Text); Kincaid, Eric (Illustr.); Eisold-Viebig, Angelika (Übers.)
Barrie, James M.; Disney, Walt and The Walt Disney Studio; Hench, John
Barrie, James Matthew, and Caird, John, and Nunn, Trevor
Barrie, James; Martin, Marcia, Retold By
BY JAMES M. BARRIE, Illustrated with Scenes from the Photoplay- a Paramount Picture. Blank Endpapers Light FoX & Former Owner Inscription in Ink....
Cardona, Jose; Marvin, Fred; Strasser, Todd
Carroll, Lewis, and Barrie, James Matthew, and Kippling, Rudyard
O'CONNOR, Daniel. (Retold by). Sir J.M. Barrie.
Eugene Bradley Coco and Ron Dias and J.M. Barrie
J M Barrie; May Byron; illustrated by Arthur Rackham
Barrie, J M retold for the Nursery By May Byron
Barrie, J. M. & Arthur Rackham (illustrator) & David Wootton (preface)
J. M. Barrie, Illust Arthur Rackham in B/W with color Frontispiece & 5 OTHER GLOSSY COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS, FORMER owner stamp BACK Blank foxed...
Barrie, J. M. Illustrated by: Illustrated by Roy Best
J.M. Barrie (Author Peter Pan); Josette Frank (Editor Peter Pan); Lewis Carroll (Author Alice in Wonderland); Josette Frank (Editor Alice in...
Kincaid, Eric; Barrie, J.M.; Carroll, Lewis; Grahame, Kenneth; Kipling, Rudyard
Kingsley, Charles & Barrie,J.M. Jessie Willcox Smith & Mabel Lucie Attwell
J. M. Barrie, Marjorie Torrey (Illustrator)
O'Connor, Daniel, ,Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), ,Woodward, Alice B
O'Connor, Daniel, 1880-,Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937,Woodward, Alice B
O'Connor, Daniel, b. ,Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), . Peter Pan
O'Connor, Daniel, b. 1880,Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937. Peter Pan
Rocco, Anthony F. (Ausgewaehlt); Mathews, Temple; Barrie, J. M.; Crocker, Carter; Flansburgh, John (Komponist); Linnell, John (Komponist);...