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Jane Austen
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817
Austen, Jane (Strange, Derek)
R. W. and Jane Austen Chapman
Jane Austen; Richard Church (intro)
Jesse Zuba
Austen, Jane [ edited by R.W. Chapman ]
Jane Hugh Thomson Austen
Austen, Jane, and Healy, Mark
Austen, Jane, Hall, Christopher
Austen, Jane; Dobson, Austin
Austen, Jane; Scales, Prunella
Jane;Beer Austen
Nancy Butler
Chapman, R.W. (Jane Austen)
Jane English Literature - Austen
Jane Austen / Joan Hassall (Illust.)
Jane Austen Society of North America
Jane Austen's
High Thomson Jane Austen
Jane Austen; Hugh Thomson [Illustrator]

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Austen, Jane
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817,Austen, Henry Thomas, 1771-1850,Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. Persuasion,Murray, John, 1778-1843, publisher,Roworth, Charles,...
Austen, Jane, and Massey, Anna (Read by)
Austen, Jane [ introduction by Forrest Reid
Austen, Jane, and Butler, Marilyn (Editor)
Austen, Jane, and Letorsay, Mme (Translated by)
Austen, Jane, and Peters, Donada (Read by)
Austen, Jane; Johnson, R Brimley (Editor)
Austen, Jane and Dobson, Austin [introduction] illustrated by Hugh Thomson
Austen, Jane, and Adam, Alfred Mac (Introduction by), and Stade, George, Professor (Consultant editor)
Austen, Jane, and Benedict, Barbara M. (Editor), and Le Faye, Deirdre (Editor)
Austen, Jane, and Fb Editions (Editor), and Letorsay, Madame (Translated by)
Austen, Jane, and Hartmetz, Richard S (Editor)
Austen, Jane, and Laurens, Stephanie (Afterword by), and Drabble, Margaret (Introduction by)
Austen, Jane, and Mme Letorsay (Translated by)
Austen, Jane, and Wolfson, Susan J (Editor)
Austen, Jane, Finlay [Producer] and Roger Michell [Director]
Austen, Jane [with introductions by Daphne Du Maurier and others]
Austen, Jane. Editor C.Kingsley Williams M.A. Pearl Binder