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Alexander Von Humboldt
von Humboldt, Alexander, edited by Thomasina Ross
Thomasina Ross
Alexander von (1769-1859) Humboldt
Alexander von Humboldt & Aime Bonpland
Alexander von & Aimé BONPLAND HUMBOLDT
Von Humboldt Alexander

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Humboldt, Alexander von, Bonpland, Aimé
VON HUMBOLDT, Alexander and Aime Bonpland
Alexander von Humboldt; Aime Bonpland; Thomasin Ross (trans.)
Humboldt, Alexander Von; Bonpland, Aime; Edited By Thomasina Ross
HUMBOLDT,Alexander VON & BONPLAND,Aime (ROSS,Thomasina Trans, Ed)
Humboldt, Alexander von und Aimé Bonpland
Humbolt, Alexander Von, And Aime Bonpland
Thomasina Ross, Aime Bonpland, Alexander von Humboldt
Von Humboldt, Alexander, Professor, and Bonpland, Aime, and Ross, Thomasina (Translated by)