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Anatole France
France, Anatole; Evans, A W [tr.]
France, Anatole, 1844-1924
France, Anatole & Pape, Frank
Anatole, 1844-1924, . France
Anatole 1844-1924 France
Anatole Translated By A W Evans France
PAPE Frank C. FRANCE Anatole
France, Anatole / A.W.Evans (trans.)
FRANCE, Anatole, Malcolm Cameron
France, Anatole; A. W. Evans (trans)

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Anatole France
Anatole (1844-1924). Evans, Arthur William, Tr. France
France, Anatole. Translated from the French by A. W. Evans
France, Anatole [ edited by Frederic Chapman & James Lewis May
France, Anatole Pen name of Jacques Anatole François Thibault) Frank C Pape
France Anatole Evans A. W. (Arthur William)
France, Anatole Illust: Pape, Frank C. Trans: Evanms, A. W.
France, Anatole, & Cameron, Malcom (illus.) & Evans, A.W. (trans.) & Van Doren, Carl, (intro.)
France, Anatole; Evans, A. W. (Translator)