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Henrik Ibsen
Ibsen, Henrik; Rackham, Arthur
RACKHAM, Arthur; IBSEN, Henrik
Finney, Horace Maynard (translator)

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Henrik Ibsen
Henrik & Pagan, Isabelle M [translator] Ibsen
Ibsen, Henrik & Pagan, Isabelle M [Translator]
Ibsen, Henrik, Trans By William And Charles Archer
IBSEN, HENRIK (interpreted by Isabelle M.Pagan)
Ibsen, Henrik; Finney, Horace Maynard, Tr.
Ibsen, Henrik; William & Charles Archer, trans
Ibsen, Henrik / Trans. by William and Charles Archer / Intro. by William Archer
Ibsen, Henrik [Interpreted by Isabelle M. Pagan]
Ibsen, Henrik; Horace Maynard Finney (translator)
Ibsen, Henrik, and Fjelde, Rolf (Translated and with a Foreword by)
Henrik; English Version By Norman Ginsbury Ibsen
Ibsen, Henrik, and Archer, William, and Archer, Charles
Ibsen, Henrik; Archer, William; Archer, Charles (Translators)