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Dante Alighieri
Antonio Cesari
Alighieri, Dante Dore, Gustave
Dante Alighieri, (1265-1321)
Sparknotes, Alighieri, Dante
Alighieri, Dante; Sinclair, John D.
Rev. John S / Dante Alighieri Carroll
Rev. John S. / Dante Alighieri CARROLL
John Scott
Mark Musa

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DANTE, Alighieri. Translated into English by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Philip Henry Wicksteed, Dante Alighieri, Herman Oelsner
Dante Alighieri; Italian edited by H. Oelsner; English translations by J. A. Carlyle, Thomas Okey & P. H. Wicksteed
Vernon, William Warren, and Ripon, Bishop of (Introduction by)
ALIGHIERI Dante, CARY Henry Francis, DORE Gustave
Alighieri, Dante; Ciardi, John (translator)
Alighieri, Dante; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth [Translator]
Alighieri, Dante; MacKenzie, David James
Alighieri, Dante; Translated By Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Dante (Translated By John Ciardi) Alighieri
Dante Alighieri, Aluigi Cossio, John Pierpont Morgan (Creator)
Dante Alighieri, and Ciardi, John, and New American Library, and Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Dante Alighieri, Pope-Hennessy, John, - . Di Paolo, Giovanni,
Alighieri, Dante; Lawrence Grant White (trans.)
Dante; Ciardi, John (Translator) Alighieri
Dante Alighieri; Sinclair, John D. (trans. and commentary)
John D. (translator) Dante Alighieri; Sinclair
Dante Alighieri; A verse translation with facing Italian and English texts by Robert and Jean Hollander, with introductions and notes by Robert...