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Carl von Clausewitz
Sun Tzu
Carl Philipp G Von Clausewitz
von Clausewitz, Carl) Gatzke, Hans W
By Gen. Carl Von Clausewitz
Peter Paret
Frederic Maude
Von Clausewitz, Carl, General

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Clausewitz, Carl Von
von Clausewitz, Carl; Rapoport, Anatol (editor, intro)
Clausewitz, Carl von, and Gatzke, Hans Wilhelm
Clausewitz, Carl Von, Ed. And Trans. By Hans Wilhelm Gatzke
Clausewitz, Carl Von; Edited By Anatol Rapoport
von Clausewitz, Carl, Hans W. Gatzke (ed. & trans.).
By (author) Niccolo Machiavelli, By (author) Carl von Clausewitz By (author) Sun Tzu
Clausewitz, Carl von; translated by Michael Howard and Peter Paret; Introduction by Christopher Daase
Clausewitz, Carl Von; Translated And Edited With An Introduction By Hans W. Gatzke
Clausewitz, Carl von [Gen ]; with Graham, J J [Col ], trans; and Maude, F N , [Col ], introduction
Clausewitz, Carl von, and Leonard, Roger Ashley (Editor)
Clausewitz, Carl von/Gatzke, Hans W. (trans/ed)
KA ER FENG KE LAO SAI WEI CI (Carl Von Clausewitz)
Sun Tzu, Nicolo Machiavelli, General Carl von Clausewitz, Frederick the Great
von Clausewitz , Carl & Graham, Colonel J. J.
Von Clausewitz, Carl, Trans. And Ed. By Hans W. Gatzke
Von Clausewitz, Carl; Translated And Edited By Gatzke, Hans W.