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Eric Hobsbawm
Eric & George Rude Hobsbawm
Hobsbawm Eric
E.J. Hobsbawn And George Rude
Eric J. Hobsbawm Christopher Hill
Hobsbawm, E. And Rude, George
E.J. And George Rudé Hobsbawm
Hobsbawm, Eric & Bourn, Douglas
Hobsbawm, Eric J. (1917-)
Hobsbawn, E. J., and Rude, George

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Eric Hobsbawm
Barber, Sarah; Freeman, Joshua; O'Connell, Declan; Warhurst, John; D'Arcy, Fergus A; Purdie, Bob; Hobsbawm, Eric et al.
Christopher Hill, Eric J. Hobsbawm, E. P. Thompson, C. Vann Woodward, Stephen Vlastos, Walter Licht, Louise Tilly, Paul Buhle; others
Hobsbawm, Eric; Arnot, R Page; Kapp, Yvonne