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Charles Dickens
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
Costick, Kathleen; Dickens, Charles
Flynn, Nigel (Adapted)
[Dickens, Charles. McGregor, Tom
Charles Broadside]. Dickens
Charles Dickens, Richard (RTL) Rogers
SparkNotes Editors Charles Dickens
Allen Putnam
Charles Beuville [Illustr]; Dickens
Boz (= Dickens, Charles)
Charles Dickens., Fankhauser, Alfred
Charles Dickens; Beuville; Jean Muray
Charles; Lesberg Dickens
Dickens, Charles & Cruikshank, George
DICKENS, Charles (adap. Nigel BRYANT)
Dickens, Charles / Baß, Jakob
Charles / Household Edition Dickens
DICKENS, Charles and THORNDIKE, Russell
Charles Eric Kincaid Dickens
Charles George Cruickshank Dickens
Charles. Angus McGregor Dickens
Dickens, Charles; Walbrecker, Dirk
Dickens, Charles; Jokic, Tom
Dickens, Charles; Lesberg, Sandy
Dickens, Charles; Proutier, Anne
Dickens, Charles;Fugate, Mary Ann
Eric Kincaid
Escott, John (Ed. )
Harriet Riddle Davis
Charles Riege - Dickens
Charles Romane - Dickens
Tarner, Margaret, Dickens, Charles
U S Government

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Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870,Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878,Bentley, Richard, 1794-1871
Dickens, Charles Illustrator: Illustrated by Ric Estrada
Dickens, Charles Barnett, C. Z. - Playwright
Dickens, Charles Tillotson, Kathleen - Editor
Dickens, Charles; Cruickshank, George [Illustrator]; Phiz [Illustrator]; French
Blishen, Edward; Dickens, Charles Novels
Dickens, Charles - Boz (d.i. Charles Dickens)
Charles Dickens; G.K. Chesterton (Introduction).
Dickens, Charles retold by Brenda Ralph Lewis
Dickens, Charles with George Cruikshank, illustrator
Dickens, Charles "Boz"; Cruikshank, George (illus.); Scott, Sir Walter
Dickens, Charles (Quthor) . , Aswell, M. L. (Condensed by) Illustrated by Donal
Dickens, Charles / GK Chesterton, after. : Illustrated by: George Cruikshank
Dickens, Charles, and Cooper, Dominic (Read by)
Dickens, Charles, Illustrated by Monogram Pictures Illustrated by Gray, Clarenc
Dickens, Charles, Wilson, Angus. Fairclough, Peter, editor. Cruickshank, George, illustrator
[Dickens, Charles. 1812-1870]. McGregor, Tom
Dickens, Charles; Chesterton, G. K. (Afterword)
Dickens, Charles; Condensed By Aswell, Mary Louise
Dickens, Charles; Illus Watkins, Dudley D. Illustrated by Dudley D Watkins
Dickens, Charles; Miller, J. Hillis, Intro
[Dickens, Charles]: Rosen, Samuel, and Carleton Carpenter (composer):