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Thomas Maurice
John Knowles Paine
Sophocles, Sheppard, John Tresidder,
R. C. Sophocles; Jebb
Sophocles; Lewis Campbell
Frank K Sophocles; Wilson
Sophocles John Knowles Paine
Sophocles, Browne, Henry,
Isaac William Stuart Sophocles
Sophocles; Bernard M. W. Knox (transl.)
Mortimer Lamson Earle
SophoclesCampbell, Lewis, M. A., Lld
Sophocles Sophocles Lewis Campbell
Sophocles (Lewsis Campbell, ed.)
Sophocles, Elmsley, Peter,
Sophocles, Kennedy, Benjamin Hall,
Sophocles, Mitchell, Thomas,
Sophocles, White, John Williams,
A J Sophocles; Hunt
Benjamin Hall Kennedy
Crosby, Howard, D.D.
Earle, Mortimer Lamson, Ed
Isaac Stuart
Sophocles ; Lloyd-Jones, H. (Trans.)
SOPHOCLES [496-406 B.C.]
Sophocles and Howard Crosby
Philip Sophocles) Vellacott
Sophocles. Mitchell, T., Ed.
F. A. Sophocles; Paley

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Francis R. Pryor, Lancelot Speed, Sophocles
Lloyd-Jones, Hugh (ed. & trans.) [Sophocles]
Sophocles, John Williams White (ed.) And Lewis Campbell
Sophocles, Brunck, Richard Franã§Ois Philippe, Sophocles. Electra
Sophocles, Making Of America Project, White, John Williams,
Sophocles, Steel, Thomas Henry, Kennedy, Benjamin Hall,
Trollope, William, 1798-1863,Aeschylus,Euripides,Sophocles
Euripides; Aeschylus; Von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich