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Thomas Maurice
Isaac William Stuart Sophocles
R. C. Sophocles; Jebb
John Knowles Paine
Sophocles,Sheppard, John Tresidder
Frank K. Sophocles; Wilson
Howard Crosby Sophocles
Sophocles; Bernard M. W. Knox (transl.)
Sophocles; Lewis Campbell
Sophocles; R. C. Jebb (Trans)
SophoclesCampbell, Lewis, M. A., Lld
Sophocles (Lewsis Campbell, ed.)
A J Sophocles; Hunt
Benjamin Hall Kennedy
Crosby, Howard, D.D.
Earle, Mortimer Lamson, Ed
Sophocles Sophocles Lewis Campbell
Maurice, Thomas, ,Sophocles
Sophocles ; Lloyd-Jones, H. (Trans.)
SOPHOCLES [496-406 B.C.]
Sophocles and Howard Crosby
Philip Sophocles) Vellacott
Sophocles,Elmsley, Peter,
Sophocles,Kennedy, Benjamin Hall,
Sophocles. Mitchell, T., Ed.
F. A. Sophocles; Paley

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Francis R. Pryor, Lancelot Speed, Sophocles
Lloyd-Jones, Hugh (ed. & trans.) [Sophocles]
Sophocles, John Williams White (ed.) And Lewis Campbell
Sophocles,Making of America Project,White, John Williams,
Euripides; Aeschylus; Von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich
Sophocles, Speed, Lancelot & Pryor, Francis R.
Sophocles,Brunck, Richard François Philippe, ,Sophocles. Electra
Sophocles,Steel, Thomas Henry, ,Kennedy, Benjamin Hall,
Sophocles; edited with English notes and introductions by Lewis Campbell
Trollope, William, 1798-1863,Aeschylus,Euripides,Sophocles