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Victor Hugo
1802-1885 Hugo
Victor Marie Hugo
Hugo, Victor, ,Boàelle, James
Hugo, Victor, and Bair, Lowell
Victor; Trans by Jessie Haynes Hugo
L. L. Owens
Christie Julie Hugo Victor
Hugo, Victor, Translated by M. Dupres
Hugo, Victor; Cerasini, Marc
Hugo, Victor; Lang, Andrew
Hugo, Victor; Wynne-Jones, Tim
Stewart, Diana; Hugo, Victor
Victor and A. C. Swinburne Hugo
Tim Wynne-Jones Victor Hugo

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Hugo, Victor
HUGO VICTOR, Illustrated by R.Odes Kaufman
Hugo, Victor, and Owens, L L (Retold by)
HUGO, Victor, FLAUBERT, Gustave, STENDHAL, DUMAS, Alexandre, PREVOST, Antoine, MERIMEE, Prosper
Hugo, Victor; translated by Hapgood, Isabel F.
Hugo, Victor, and Ford, Michael (Retold by), and Salariya, David (Creator)
Hugo, Victor, and Krailsheimer, Alban (Translated by)
Hugo, Victor, and St Charles Players (Read by)
Pablo Marcos Studio, Vogel, Malvina G., Hugo, Victor
Hugo, Victor [Marie. 1802 - 1885]. Jessie Haynes - Translator. Andrew Lang - Contributor. Frans Masereel - Illustrator.
Victor Hugo; Isabel F. Hapgood (translator)
Victor Marie Hugo; Charles W. Eliot, Editor