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Victor Hugo
1802-1885 Hugo
Hugo, Victor, and Case, David (Read by)
Hugo, Victor And Hapgood, Isabel F.
Victor Marie Hugo
Victor; McCarthy Hugo
Stewart, Diana; Hugo, Victor
Christie Julie Hugo Victor
Hugo, Victor Marie, Comte
Hugo, Victor, And Wheelwright, Rowland
Hugo, Victor, Translated by M. Dupres
Hugo, Victor; Cerasini, Marc
Hugo, Victor; Conrad, Tim
Victor; Smith Hugo
Hugo, Victor; Wynne-Jones, Tim
Victor Hugo YUAN Sharon Martin GAI
Victor Hugo, Bill Homewood (Narrator)

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Hugo, Victor
HUGO VICTOR, Illustrated by R.Odes Kaufman
Hugo, Victor, and Owens, L L (Retold by)
HUGO, Victor, FLAUBERT, Gustave, STENDHAL, DUMAS, Alexandre, PREVOST, Antoine, MERIMEE, Prosper
Hugo, Victor; translated by Hapgood, Isabel F.
Hugo, Victor, And Cerasini, Marc A, And Cerasini
Hugo, Victor, and Hovasse, Jean-Marc (Introduction by)
Hugo, Victor, and Hutchinson, Emily (Adapted by)
Hugo, Victor; Hamilton, Clayton (Introduction by); Pape, Eric (Illustrated by)
Edmond Rostand, Introduction By Peter Connor
Victor Marie Hugo; Charles W. Eliot, Editor